Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Must be the Competencies of Your Chosen Contact Center

Several companies reduce costs and attain higher customer satisfaction when they outsource their customer service support. Their sweet escape from the capital expenses of building an on-site contact center save them not just their money but also time and other resources. Another big feat is that, the risks are shared with the outsourcing partner. They do not bear all the burden of such non-core function. In fact, they do less because the chosen inbound call center shoulders most of the responsibilities, from inquiry/complaint handling down to cross-selling and upselling.

It is good to know how much of your resources are saved when you opt to befriend a reputable telemarketing firm. However, there are also risks involved. It is also possible that you may land on a mediocre outsourcer, the one that only runs after your money but performs poorly. In that case, you will spend more than you think and your company's reputation is besmirched. I bet you never dream of this unfortunate circumstance, not even in your worst nightmares. But, it can turn out to be a reality when you are not too careful of which contact center you are working with.

It is therefore a necessity to probe the competencies of a prospective service provider. Evaluating how the outsourcer works avoids the mistake of falling for the wrong one. The list below enumerates some of the attributes of a first-rate inbound call center:

• Operates 24/7 live answering service, both over the telephone and the Internet;

• Can handle high volume of phone calls;

• Installs specialized call center applications where communication lines perform well even if the caller is on the other side of the Earth;

• Exposes live operators to extensive trainings before putting into actual work; and

• Provides around-the-clock client support; regularly sends reports and updates.

Whether you go for an in-house or outsourcing, your brand is at stake in the conduct of customer care programs. If you choose to seek professional assistance, do not settle for anything less than the best.

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