Monday, May 24, 2010

Inbound vs. Outbound Call Center: What’s the difference?

Before outsourcing your business with a call center, you should realize what kind of services you desire; is it outbound or inbound call center services? The services you wish to use will determine whether you want to use outbound or inbound call center. If you feel unsure about the difference between these two, then here’s the bigger picture.

Inbound call center focuses on calls initiated by the customer for their questions, inquiries and services needed. In this category, the types of interactions made are mainly on customer service (customers call regarding their accounts), sales (customers call to purchase item) and technical support (customers call about how to use the product or service).

Outbound call center operates in a way that call center representatives make calls to the customer on behalf of a business or client. Outbound call centers specialize mainly in appointment setting and lead generation and are done through telemarketing. Interested party contacts the outbound call center to set up an appointment for one of your sales men or take the order for the product.

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